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Electrician Salary in Canada

Average Salary: CAD $63K


20% Low Band Avg

CAD $63K



80% High Band Avg

  • Bonus: 1,063

Salaries based on experience level

CAD $38K - 63K
Entry Level Experience
CAD $58K - 79K
Mid Level Experience
CAD $61K - 82K
Senior Level Experience

The Average Entry Level salary of Electrician in Canada is CAD $51K/yr, this salary increases 31% to $66K/yr when reach Mid Level Career.

From Mid to Senior Level the average salary increases 6% from $66K/yr to $71K/yr.

Salary Compared to Canada National Average Salary

CAD $50K - 76K/yr
$63K/yr -1%
CAD $31K - 102K/yr
  • Electrician in Canada Salary
  • vs
  • Canada National Average Salary

The Average Salary of Electrician in Canada is $63K/yr. This is -1% lower ($-935) compared to Canada national average salary of $63K/yr.