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Swift Current, Saskatchewan Salary Overview

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Average Salary: CAD $64K


20% Low Band Avg

CAD $64K



80% High Band Avg

  • Bonus: 4,961

Salaries based on experience level

CAD $34K - 63K
Entry Level Experience
CAD $45K - 84K
Mid Level Experience
CAD $59K - 109K
Senior Level Experience

The Average Entry Level salary in Swift Current, Saskatchewan is CAD $48K/yr, this salary increases 33% to $64K/yr when reach Mid Level Career.

From Mid to Senior Level the average salary increases 29% from $64K/yr to $84K/yr.

Swift Current Average Salary Compared to Canada National Average Salary

CAD $49K - 85K/yr
$64K/yr +3%
CAD $31K - 99K/yr
  • Swift Current, Saskatchewan Salary
  • vs
  • Canada National Average Salary

The Average Salary of Swift Current, Saskatchewan is $64K/yr. This is +3% higher ($2,428) compared to Canada national average salary of $62K/yr.